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Joseph A. Crifasi,

LabTest Diagnostics -Director of Toxicology Section

Mr. Crifasi earned a Bachelor's degree in Medical Technology at the University of Illinois, Springfield, Illinois. Joseph worked at the Memorial Medical Center (MMC) laboratory in Springfield, Illinois for 13 years, nine of those years as supewisor of the toxicology section. During this time, he also completed a Master's degree in Analytical Toxicology from the University of Illinois in Springfield, IL .Following his employment at MMC, Mr. Crifasi accepted a position as a Senior Forensic Scientist at the Illinois State Police Crime Lab. There he performed alcohol and drug testing on criminal cases, such as driving under the influence. He also assisted in the training of Forensic Scientist trainees in the toxicology section.

Mr. Crifasi was presented with an opportunity to work for Saint Louis University (SLU) and accepted a position working in their NIDA (SAMSHA) certified drug testing laboratory. He was the assistant supervisor of the lab that performed drugs of abuse testing of urine on both federal and non-federal employees. A few years later, he transferred to the forensic toxicology postmortem laboratory operated by SLU out of the Saint Louis County Medical Examiner's Office. In this position, he was responsible for testing blood, urine, tissues, body fluids, contraband, foods, and medications for drugs and poisons. He also sewed as an instructor in the Clinical Lab Science Program at Saint Louis University, providing lectures and practical experience to students in toxicology. Joseph worked in this laboratory for 19 years, many of those years in a management position. After his time with the university, he began working with LabTest Diagnostics in St. Louis MO. Mr. Crifasi is board certified as a Medical Technologist and a diplomate of the American Board of Forensic Toxicology. His education, training and experience have helped him to maintain a working knowledge of all testing related to toxicology and laboratory management.